The Black Girl Healing Project was created by Jennifer Sterling, Holistic Nutritionist and Registered Dance/Movement Psychotherapist. 

Jennifer Sterling, The Black Girl Healing project-2.png

As women of color, we put a smile on our faces, capes on our backs, and move through the world like the strong woman that we are, but inside we are tired.

We spend our days hoping and wishing that one day the struggle will end - the external struggle to defend our bodies from the world, and the internal struggle to protect our bodies from the thoughts that convince us that we are anything less than worthy and resilient. 

My hope is that in this space, you can lay your cape down and just be. 

Be the happy woman who believes in magic and affirmations, and the depressed, anxious woman that struggles to wake up each day in a world that has little respect for your complexion or complexities. 

In this space we support all of you - the pretty, happy parts and the dark and twisty parts. We also provide you with the information and resources you need to heal (if that's what you desire). 

And we do it all without judgement and the utmost respect for you, your body, and your journey - wherever you may be.