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The Nourish Program


So you’re an emotional eater.


Is it because you eat to manage difficult emotions?
Or because you’re a professional dieter who often feels crazy around food?

In either case, you’re in the right place.

(...unless you’re looking for a weight loss program. Sorry, this program is rooted in the Health at Every Size and Intuitive Eating philosophies, so there’s no talk of weight loss or weight control here. Feel free to click away if that’s not what you’re looking for).

Nourish is a 4-week online email course that will help you:

  • Better understand your body.

  • Discover what your cravings mean.

  • Decrease your worries and anxieties around food.

  • Gain practical tools to manage uncomfortable or challenging emotions.

  • Learn how to nourish your body in a way that supports your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.


Hi, I'm Jennifer.

I’ve spent over a decade researching the science and psychology of what our bodies need, and understanding how our inability to deal with emotions keeps us from making choices that truly nourish us.

My own chronic health issues sparked this journey; I had everything from migraines to yeast infections, and chronic digestive issues. After years of struggling, I finally discovered something simple yet profound—tuning into my body was the solution.

When we are able to befriend our bodies, we’re able to hear all of the answers. Ever since, I’ve helped over 100 women find freedom from the food and body battle once and for all.

This is what I want for you.



The Nourish Program teaches you how to reconnect with your “inner nourishment guide.”
The part of you that knows exactly what you need to nourish yourself - physically and emotionally - in every moment.

This is the program for you, if you…..

  • Always reach for food when you’re stressed or anxious.

  • Are ready to be free from the daily fight with your body.

  • Dream about never having to diet again.

  • Are interested in transforming your relationship with food in a weight neutral space.


How it works

1. You sign up.

2. You receive a confirmation email and access to the Nourish workbook for some pre-program reflections.

3. The day after you receive your confirmation email, and each week thereafter for four weeks, a recorded class and supporting materials will be delivered to your inbox.

In addition to weekly pre-recorded coaching calls, you’ll also have access to:

  • PDF worksheets

  • Pay what you can private coaching


What you learn

Week 1: Understanding emotional eating

The first step to transforming your relationship with food is understanding why it happens. We'll start the course by making connections between oppression, diet culture, and emotional eating.

Week 2: Decode Your Cravings

Understand why cravings exist and what they mean.

Week 3: Feel Your Feelings, Safely

Learn how to move through uncomfortable emotions like stress, anxiety, and sadness, instead of numbing them with food.

Week 4: Honor Your Hunger and Fullness  

Discover the difference between emotional and physical hunger pangs and how to manage them.  

Understand and trust your body's signs of satiety and satisfaction, so you can experience food and eating in a whole new way; one where you feel confident and liberated.


Frequently Asked Questions


When does NOURISH start and end?

NOURISH starts when you sign up and ends four weeks later. This is a self-paced course and can be done on your own time and at your own pace.

How is this different from every other diet program?

Good question! The biggest difference – it’s not a diet program. Nourish teaches you how to tune in to your body so you know how to identify and honor the needs of your body.

Will this program help me lose weight?

Maybe, but Nourish  is not a weight loss program, so if the only reason you’re interested in this program is to lose weight this is not the program for you.

 Nourish  is for women who have begun to understand that happiness is not dependent upon the number on the scale; women who are ready embrace the understanding that healthy bodies come in many different shapes and sizes.

Can I get a refund if I don’t like the program?

Please only register for this program if you are ready to show up and do the work! Due to the digital nature of the course, refund requests will not be honored.