Episode #1: Self-care and Sacrificial Motherhood with Motherhood Life Coach, Graeme Seabrook


Graeme Seabrook is a Motherhood Life Coach. Her approach to coaching is based on the belief that you must be a priority in your own life in order to thrive. And she wants us all to thrive. She has an International Coaching Certification through the CCA and has also trained with Postpartum Support International.

Graeme is the creator and host of The Self-Care Squad on Facebook - a sanctuary and think tank for women, femmes, and gender non-conforming persons to discover what self-care truly means to them and how they can use it to thrive. It is her favorite place on the internet. She is a self-care evangelist. I’ve written for mental health online publications, been a guest on podcasts, and spoken at conferences about motherhood and self-care.

Graeme is a survivor of postpartum depression and anxiety and lives with PTSD. This informs her work as an advocate for parental and family mental health. She is also a board member of Postpartum Support Charleston and a founding member of The Postpartum Collective, an online meeting place for stakeholders in parental mental health.

In October of 2017 Graeme will host the inaugural SelfCare In Color Virtual Retreat, a week- long video and interview series on self-care for black women. The retreat will offer a respite from the toxic climate of racism and misogynoir that permeates our culture and our media.

We Discuss: 

  • Graeme’s struggles with postpartum depression

  • The risk factors for postpartum depression

  • How and when to choose a therapist when you're expecting a child

  • How to incorporate self-care into your daily life without spending money

  • What self-care looks like beyond bubble baths and mani-pedis

Resources Mentioned: