Episode #7: Anxiety: It's Not All In Your Head


Achea Redd is an activist, author, and speaker. But most important is what she is not: perfect. Putting an authentic face on anxiety and depression, Achea is the founder of Real Girls F.A.R.T., an organization that works to erase mental health stigmas for all women and girls.

She is also the spokesperson for Nationwide Children's Hospital's mental health campaign On Our Sleeves, which aims to break the silence regarding children's mental health.

Achea Redd is also the author of “Be Free Be You.”

We Discuss:

  • Why Achea created her organization, Real Girls F.A.R.T

  • Her experience with anxiety from childhood into adulthood

  • The physical health concerns that led to a diagnosis of generalized anxiety disorder, including a breast cancer and multiple sclerosis scare

  • Accepting the need for anti-anxiety medication and working through the shame

  • How her relationship with religion shifted after her diagnosis with generalized anxiety disorder